Lighthouse Funds LP is an investment fund manager whose objective is to deliver investors long-run returns of over 15% pa

About us

Lighthouse Funds

Lighthouse Funds is a boutique investment manager offering absolute return funds that invest in very large capitalisation equities. We target delivering investors long-run net returns of at least 15% pa

We’re strongly focused on our alignment with our investors. We don’t charge fixed fees of any kind. The only amount investors pay is a share of any investment returns above 6% pa
 – if we don’t achieve at least a 6% pa
 return then there is no fee.

We introduced our first generation fund, the Global Growth Fund, in 2013. We replaced this in April 2016 with our second generation fund, the Accelerated Growth Fund.

At this time our funds are open only to wholesale and eligible investors in New Zealand, Australia and the UK who qualify for the exemptions in New Zealand’s Financial Markets Conduct Act. Our funds are not currently open to retail investors, but an offer to retail investors is being considered for the future.

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Our people

The Team

Lighthouse Funds is led by Mark Donnell and Andrew Ormsby. Both Mark and Andrew have more than 14 years experience in trading, financial analysis and investment banking.

Lighthouse Funds is supported by Adminis (custodian) and KPMG (auditor).