A lighthouse at the top of a cliff, overlooking the sea.A lighthouse at the top of a cliff, overlooking the sea.

Who we are

Lighthouse Funds is the investment manager of the Lighthouse Global Equity Fund. We’re responsible for identifying and arranging the Fund’s investments.

We’ve been managing investment funds for wholesale investors since 2013, and in 2021 re-packaged that fund for retail investors – so while the Global Equity Fund may appear to be a new fund it is built on a proven offering.

We are owned by our staff, and those staff are also investors in the fund – so we are tightly connected and aligned with our investors. We know that for Lighthouse Funds to be successful we need to create value for our investors.

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We are active managers, and our goal is to deliver net returns to our investors that are higher than those of the market indexes. With the Global Equity Fund we aim to deliver long-run net returns that are at least 2% pa higher than those of the MSCI All Country World Index.

We tilt towards investing in growth. We look for companies that show a set of characteristics we believe are linked to revenue, profit and share price growth over a three to five year horizon.

We are patient investors, not traders. We believe that if you are looking to invest in growth then you need to patiently wait while that growth comes to pass.

We strongly value high liquidity – that is, the ability to easily buy and sell shares at any time at the market price – so we only invest in companies with large market capitalisations. The smallest company we would invest in would still be larger than any company listed on the NZX.

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Andrew Ormsby

Investment Manager

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Mark Donnell

Investment Manager

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Mark Donnell is a founder and investment manager of Lighthouse Funds.

Mark has managed the investments of all of Lighthouse Funds’ funds. He was involved in developing Lighthouse Funds’ investment approach and philosophy. Mark also works closely with the fund’s manager (FundRock NZ) and custodian (Adminis) to coordinate the Fund’s operations.

Prior to working at Lighthouse Funds Mark was an investment banker providing commercial and financial advice and leading mergers, acquisitions and divestments. Through this work Mark has a deep knowledge of finance and economics.

Previous to this work Mark worked as a management consultant, and also as an engineer.

We work closely with three key partners to deliver the Fund.

FundRock NZ logo

FundRock NZ


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FundRock NZ are the manager of the Fund. They’re responsible for the Fund’s operations, and particularly for the Fund’s administration and compliance. They also provide the first tier of customer support to the Fund’s investors.

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Adminis are the Fund’s custodians. They hold all of the Fund’s assets on behalf of the Fund’s investors. They also support FundRock NZ with the Fund’s unit pricing and accounting.

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Public Trust


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Public Trust are the Fund’s supervisor. They act as the trustee of the unit trust and represent the interests of the Fund’s investors.