About us

Key points

  • Our investment approach and philosophy has over 20 years of development
  • We’ve been running this fund for over 5 years now, but for wholesale investors
  • But from April 2021 it’s now available to all investors

Welcome to Lighthouse Funds! We’re likely a new name to most potential investors and so we thought it’d be useful for us to provide a bit of background to how we got here.

Lighthouse Funds has evolved through three phases.

The first phase began more than 20 years ago, in the investment approaches and philosophies we’ve been using for our own personal investments. So Lighthouse Funds traces its history back to the methods we developed to help us invest our own money.

The second phase began at the start of 2014, when Lighthouse Funds’ opened its first investment fund so that others could invest alongside us.  That fund was what’s termed a wholesale fund, which means it was only open to investors who qualify for certain exclusions in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.  For example that might be investors who are investment businesses or are investors with very large portfolios.

In April 2016 we replaced that fund with an improved version, which we called the Lighthouse Accelerated Growth Fund.  But still a wholesale fund only available to wholesale investors.

Now, in April 2021, we start our third phase.  We’ve repackaged the Lighthouse Accelerated Growth Fund into a new vehicle – a unit trust PIE that anyone can invest in.  There’s a slight change of name too, to the Lighthouse Global Equity Fund, which just makes it clearer what the fund invests in.  But we’re still using the exact same investment approach that we’ve proven over the last five years.  So this may be a new fund entity but it comes with five years of track record and established relationships with our custodians, brokers and so on.

We’re looking forward to engaging with the bigger audience of investors, advisors and other partners that a retail fund can talk with.  We’ll post our thoughts here on our website, and on Facebook, LinkedIn and other channels.  Hopefully we’ll also get to meet many people in person too – one of the things we liked about the wholesale funds is that we could maintain a personal link with each investor and we’re looking to see how we can maintain that connection with this retail fund. 

Note: The content provided here is written by us, Lighthouse Funds, as general information that we trust is helpful and informative. It’s based on information that we believe to be accurate and reliable, although we can’t guarantee that this is the case. It isn’t intended to be personalised advice for any investor, or class advice for any group of investors. We recommend that before entering into any investment you first seek advice from a financial advisor who can give you professional advice that takes into account your objectives, needs, financial situation and circumstances. Please see our disclaimer.