Looking back on June 2021


Key points

  • The Fund was up 19.8% in June
  • This was the Fund's best ever month, in over five years of operations
  • But it needs to be seen in context with the last few months on the markets

Our monthly update for June 2021 is now available.

June was an extremely strong month, with the Fund up 19.8% (net, after fees and expenses). That saw the Fund bounce back from May's loss and post a net return of 7% for the first quarter of this financial year.

We don't look for, or expect, or want, quite this amount of month-to-month volatility but sometimes it's what the market delivers. But if you have a longer investment horizon (and we recommend investors in the Fund think in terms of a three to five year investment horizon) then this short-term volatility does just become noise and the signal (the annual returns) becomes clearer.

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