The Accelerated Growth Fund targets long-run 
net returns to investors of at least 15% pa.


The Accelerated Growth Fund

The Accelerated Growth Fund primarily invests in very large capitalisation stocks and ETFs listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq stock markets. All of the stocks and ETFs the fund invests in have a market capitalisation of at least US$5 billion, and nearly all have a market capitalisation greater than US$20 billion.

The fund can also invest in options linked to large capitalisation stocks listed on those markets.

The fund only holds shares “long”, and can use margin lending. The fund will not short sell and will not invest in futures or derivatives.

The fund’s investments are selected using quantitative methods developed by Lighthouse Funds. These quantitative methods use mathematical and statistical calculations to evaluate thousands of shares and funds, looking for characteristics we believe predict attractive future returns.

Investors in the fund do not pay fixed fees of any kind – there are no management fees, administration fees, entry fees or exit fees. The only amount investors pay is a share of any gross profits the fund achieves above 6% pa. If the fund doesn’t achieve at least a 6% pa return then there is no fee. The profit share calculation also includes a “high watermark”.

The fund has no restrictions on withdrawals and redemptions. There are no set redemption periods and no gates – investors are free to withdraw some or all of their investment at any time.

The Accelerated Growth Fund includes and extends on our first generation fund, the Global Growth Fund.